Just a girl standing in front of a ball of wool asking it to be a scarf

Hi there!

I’m Mandy, a craft obsessed Londoner living in the Welsh Valleys (do you get the name now? 😅)

I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one single craft, that’s impossible. So here’s to picking a medium instead. I LOVE anything fibre related; felting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, applique, you name it. (Except KNITTING. Knitting is HARD!)

Crafting makes me so happy, it keeps me calm and relaxed when anxiety kicks in, it keeps me busy when depression wants to keep me in bed and it makes me proud of my skills when those negative worthless thoughts creep in.

And so I thought I should stop keeping all the things I make hidden away and start sharing them with you guys! So far everything is all one of a kind and made solely by yours truly, if there’s something you’d particularly love then hit me up. Oh, and watch this space for an Etsy shop opening soon.

Mandy ❤️

*I am a sucker for magazines with freebies and couldn’t resist these Wallace and Grommit crochet hooks*